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Turquoise price guide 2014

Turquoise price guide 2014

This price guide is collected from major online turquoise listing price and recent turquoise sale price in June 2014. Traditional American turquoise like Sleeping Beauty, Bisbee and Stormy Mountain are still very hot in market, due to high demand and limited supply, their price can range between $50~200/carat, and the Lander Blue mine turquoise can be over $500/carat, some of them sells over $1000/carat. These top-notch turquoise jewelries are rarely seen on the market and be prepare for the luxury price tag. 

Chinese Hubei turquoise, mined in the mountains around Zhushan county, is becoming more and more popular in past few years. Partly because of the the booming Chinese economy and more Chinese have recognized and fell in love with the sky stone. Another main reason is the mine is dying out slowly due to excessively mining over past decade and the local government has put restrict rule on mining and trading to protect its resource in 2008. The price is raising average 20% every year since then. Currently the good quality Chinese turquoise averaged $25/gram, still a lot cheaper compared American turquoise for comparable quality and color and hardness.  The average quality turquoise cabochons are normally sold at price of $3~5 per carat, which is $15~25 per gram.

Here is a more information from GIA on Chinese Hubei Zhushan county turquoise PDF.

Metrics Conversion:

1 carat (ct) = 0.20 grams (g),1 gram (g) = 5 carats (ct), 1 pound (lbs) = 453.59 grams (g)

1. Gem grade and rare

The stone can compliment artist and will be good fit for rare metals, like gold or silver work. This type of stones are the top investment quality and very rare. The price can average $40 per carat.

2. Very high grade 

The stone are very high quality but not necessarily rare stones. These stones have nice luster, very beautiful, but not as costly. They  are normally $10 to $20 per carat.

3. High to average grade 

A good to average grade are with proper color, matrix balance, etc, cost about $5 to $7 per carat.

4. Average grade

A good to average grade are with proper color, matrix balance, etc, cost about $2 to $5 per carat.

 5. Stabilized grade

A good stabilized turquoise cost about $.4 to $3 per carat, the price of stabilized turquoise most times depend on the metal it is on.

"In conclusion, there is allot of natural turquoise still on the market today Just be aware that most of it is from currently operating mines. Such as some of the Chinese and our own Morenci mine. These are still relatively inexpensive. Somewhere between $2 and $5 per carat. Perhaps a good investment for the future." --- The gemstone turquoise

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