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Our Story


-Fan Wang

My family originates from a small town called YunXian in Hubei Province China, where cloud is blue and clear just like the pretty gemstones it gave birth to. I have heard of the famous Yungai Temple turquoise mine in our city since I was very little, and I remember since my elementary school years my home was full of all kinds of raw turquoises.

My dad was a local newspaper journalist and part-time non-fiction writer, he travels a lot for his job. First time seen a real turquoise stone in one of his interviewees' home he was deeply attracted by the charming blue beauty and the enthusiasm in collecting turquoise rise inside of him. My mom fully supported my dad's collection hobby, even though we had very little money to start. I recall countless weekends we spend on the mine site and visiting miners who have newly mined good quality turquoises, and smile on my parents' face when they find a unique piece of turquoise become one of my best childhood memories.

Their consistent love in turquoise collection paid back. After many years' turquoises collection, piece by piece, water-drops gathered and became an ocean. Our turquoise collection reaches quite an amount. Our life has been changed ever since by turquoises, the oldest gemstone in human history as talisman of power and protection, also widely recognized as 'Success stone'.

"The hand wearing a Turquoise and using it as a sealing stone, will never be poor.”     - Persian Philosopher Al Kazwini

Fortune enough they were able to save enough money on turquoises business to support me to continue my graduate study in US, where I have got my master's degree in electrical and computer engineering and also lucky enough to start my career in Fortune 100 technology companies in Silicon Valley, California as a computer software professional. Combined my computer skills and family background, here you see the store we have put up for our turquoise lovers.

Every piece of our turquoise jewelry is handmade with highest gem-quality turquoises and every gemstone as you see is all unique. You will not find them on any other places in the market. Due to the limited supply these natural gemstones will become more valuable over time.

Our Turquoise Boutique in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

Our Chinese website link: 

Why Trusting Us Why Trusting us Why Trusting us


Why Trusting Us

20 Years Serving Turquoise Lovers

We hate fake, synthesized, dyed turquoise as you do, every piece of our turquoise are guaranteed natural. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Trustable best turquoise source

Our turquoises are the top-quality ones from Yungai Temple Turquoise Mine, Zhushan City and its surrounding areas, Hubei Province, China. Certificate is available per request.

Unique Hand-Made Style

We have one of the best jewelry designers to design our contemporary turquoise jewelries and we have most of our jewelries handmade.

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